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2008 – present

150+ cover designs for SCI+TEC label (Washington, D.C) founded by world-renowned DJ Dubfire (Deep Dish).

Exhibited at Corretger5 Gallery, Barcelona, June 2011. Also at Blow Gallery, Barcelona, June 2012 with additional 3D virtual gallery film featuring representations of SCI+TEC covers.

Digital exhibition catalogue app for iPad / iPhone.

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tec132 tec140 tec149 tec157 tec159 tec160 tec164 tec169 tec170 tec171  sci_tec_01 sci_tec_02 sci_tec_03 sci_tec_04 sci_tec_05 sci_tec_06 sci_tec_07 sci_tec_08 sci_tec_09 07 08